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  • John Park

First Contact - We're going to Korea!

Gyeo Le Eol School in Seoul for defector children is more than a place of learning, but a shared home and community for the forty something students that live there. But despite its essential functions, the school receives no government funding and barely gets by through donations and volunteer work alone.

With good fortune we were able to find out about this school through a family friend and will be going there to serve as volunteer teachers for a few weeks.

But knowing the unfortunate state the school was in, we also wanted to leave a lasting impact for the school and spoke to the principal of the school, Mrs. Myung Hwa Ju, to find out that the school was short on blankets and pillows.

I reached out to more family friends, Yung Ae Kim and Jin Sup Jeong, who we must thank for their extraordinary generosity: 37 sets of pillows and blankets for the students of Gyeo Le Eol (shown above), without any hesitation.

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