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2nd Annual Korean Dinner

With over three hundred guests, this year’s Korean Dinner was our most successful event so far. The most amazing thing being that it was a work of extensive collaboration. We sincerely thank Shin Dong-Hyuk for accepting our humble invitation to the state of Michigan and speaking at our event, Debbie Dingell for supporting our organization and advocating for North Korean human rights, Hansori from Eastern Michigan University for their traditional Korean Samulnori percussion performances, D!VERSE for performing their songs on Korean unification and human rights, the Michigan Today Publication, all the restaurants and stores in Michigan that donated food to this event, and all other individuals that generously helped out during the event.

From Left to Right: Kathryn Hoover, Washtenaw International High counselor; John Park; William Garcia, Washtenaw International High IB Literature Teacher; Shin Dong-Hyuk, Humanitarian activist and North Korean Camp 14 Survivor; Debbie Dingell, wife of Congressman John Dingell; Megan Andrews; and Monica Choi

Mr. Shin Dong-Hyuk speaking about his escape from North Korea’s notorious Camp 14

Translating for Mr. Shin Dong-Hyuk

Multilingual Hip-Hop Duo D!VERSE

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