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  • John Park

Visions, Goals, and (lots of) T-Shirts

After acquiring a domain, I sought after a physically presentable manifestation of my goals and designed the above t-shirt.

The first line of the t-shirt, "Freedom is a Choice," represents my opposition to the forced repatriation of the North Korean defectors caught by Chinese authorities and the brutal punishment they can face once back in North Korea.

As an organization, Everyonesfree will attack this repatriation indirectly through raising awareness of this shockingly not well-known phenomenon to the public as well as to both government and non-governmental agencies we believe could have an impact on this issue. Within our limited capacity, we will also directly fund the safe escape of as many defectors as we can.

Our overarching goal is to improve the lives of North Korean defectors. After their escape, many defectors struggle to establish themselves in their new surroundings and face tragically familiar levels of poverty in South Korea or the US. As such, Everyonesfree will also focus on the development and education of defectors so that all their efforts were not in vain.

Below is my sketched design transferred to an online t-shirt ordering site, the shirts should arrive in the next few weeks!

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